Const ES6 Constants in Javascript - ECMAScript 6


In ECMAScript 6 we have const variable arrived. Does it work the same as C++ const?
Not exactly. I would even say, “not at all”.
When you declare something with const in ECMAScript 6, it means that the identifier can’t be reassigned.

What does it mean?

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ECMAScript 6 ECMAScript 6 review, explanation, comparsion with ECMAScript 5

HI. If you are here. It seems you’ve heard about ECMAScript 6, and want to know more.

If we’ll check Wikipedia, it says that ECMAScript is a ‘trademarked scripting-language specification’. It means that ES - it’s a specification or in another words standards of scripting languages, such as JavaScript, ActionScript, Jscript. ECMAScript it is actually core of that languages, standards they are based at.

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Welcome to Javascript Blog

Hello World everyone!

Welcome to blog about javascript. Let read some interesting things about it.

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